The Influence of Media on Youth

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An outsider looking in could see that America's society has much work to be done. Today's youth focuses on nothing but the media and how to be the next Kim Kardashian or Lil Wayne. The media, 9 out of 10 times, is a negative device used to convince younger minds what it means to be beautiful, cool, popular, or anything else someone younger may want to strive to become. The media attacks younger minds because they are more vulnerable and open to believing what they see. The issue with the media is becoming bigger and bigger because we as Americans don't take time to teach the youth right from wrong, we rely on the media to do the job.

In the past, things shown to younger children have made pathways for the lives of those children. Rappers are always talking about how smoking and drinking are the things to do because they can make one look "cool" or "awesome", when in reality, the effects of these things hold severe consequences and can lead to a terrible life of addictions or lack of positive opportunities. You also have people promoting violence and killing. America's young women see how certain celebrities in the public eye show the meaning of beauty. They don't go out "au natural". They put on make-up and tight, short clothing. This leads our younger girls to think that they cannot be beautiful or attractive without wearing this type of clothing, covering their faces with make-up, and showing off their God-given assets. All of this stuff sits in the minds of the youth and guides their future.

Turning youth away from media and more towards reality, giving them a way to form their own opinions instead of having to climb into someone else's bandwagon, is the greatest solution to this problem. If enough people at...

... middle of paper ... because that's not reality. That is something that we just want to tell ourselves; an excuse we give ourselves to let them only rely on media. We, as Americans, have to take a step forward and do what is right. We must turn children away from the media so much and towards reality, to ensure a better future and decrease in chaos.

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