The Influence of Cosmological Thought

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Cosmology is the universal observation of extra terrestrial cosmos that illustrate the meaning and origins of life. Cosmological thought defines the beliefs and practises in civilisations and is apparent in the reflection of social hierarchy and structure in many cultures. It can be described in anthropological thought as a cultural phenomenon that has been constructed by many ancient civilisations, depicted for thousands of years in ancient cave art, logography and hieroglyphics some of which have been dated to as far back as the upper Pleistocene epoch (Monroe and Wicander 2009:364) during which time prehistoric rock art has been discovered. Priests and higher powers use cosmological knowledge to clarify the meaning of life, also to define social structures and hierarchies in tribal, chiefdom, imperial and commercial societies in history. Cosmologies also define past, present and future as cyclical changes take place in the Earths annual rotation around the sun, which allow societies to predict environmental changes in the future. A nomadic society distant from technology can detect this by the changing of seasons and observations of spatial relation of stars in the night sky. The symbolic structure has been considered to relate to hypothesis about role structure (Douglas, 1970).Cosmologies define ideologies associated with the divine, the origins and nature and the evolution of the universe, it is common to attempt to use cosmological explanations to describe the world as a part of vast scope of the universe. The meanings and descriptions discovered often attribute to the activities and practises of citizens, and also definite social hierarchies and structure within all forms of society. The way Cosmologies are deciphered by... ... middle of paper ... system, expressing it as a system. What symbolizes naturally is a relation of parts of the organism as a whole. Natural Symbols can express the relation of parts of an individual to his society at a general systematic level. The two bodies are the self and socitey: sometimes they are so near as to be almost merged; sometimes they are far apart. The tension between them allows the elaboration of (cosmological) meanings. Instinctual and naturalistic human beings whom believe in moral reciprocity and sharing qualities, namely tribal people. Humanity developed, and the disparities and dispersals grow until the differences between the rich and poor, tribal and global society’s are so far from each other. This relates to the illustration above, how the influence of cosmological thought can vary widely in the changing factors and structure of life between societies.
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