The Influence Of Video Games

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Video gaming has become popular among people of all ages, many spend large amounts of time playing video games. Although playing video games have some positive aspects beginning with creativity and problem solving that is not seen by non-gamers. Gaming should be closely monitored in today 's youth by their parents as gaming represents a variety of social anxieties about youth violence and the inability for adults to control what young people do and know mostly in white middle class families. According to Will Write author of the article “Dream Machine” Video games contribute to youth learning in a totally new way and treat the world as a place for creation and not consumption. Violent video games such as Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto and Doom create the idea and spark curiosity in youth in attempting to recreate these scenes to real life prompting such violence…show more content…
Violent video games have been blamed for the increase of school shootings mostly in the white middle class, white school shootings are shown to take the lives of classmates, creating a threat to the safety and innocents of Suburban America, according to Karen Sternheimer author of the article “Do Video Games Kill?” The video game explanation constricts the white middle class shooters as of the power of video games. Violent games tend to lead more addicted gamers into performing violent acts allowing the thought that the more violent the greater the reward, abundance is rewarded rather than not creating the idea of violence is not an acceptable way to resolve conflict. Youth today have a difficult time separating entertainment from reality as games have become more graphic and realistic influencing youth to steal cards or shoot and or murder before realizing this is not normal but an extension of your
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