The Influence Of The Super Bowl

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This essay is about the birth of the Super Bowl and how it changed football and America forever. The Super bowl changed Football in a positive, permanent way. With the birth of the Super Bowl, I believe the sport started to become more and more popular because the winner of the Super Bowl would be the true champion instead of there being two champions (one in each of the two leagues). There was also much more money to be made with the birth of the Super Bowl because it would end up make the game more popular beyond belief which was another goal. I do not think that football would not have come as far as it has today without the Super Bowl. The first Super Bowl was held in Los Angeles California on January 16, 1967.But before this pro football…show more content…
Over the years the Super Bowl has gotten more and more popular because of the more and more people wanting to watch the game both in person at the stadiums or at home on their televisions with friends and family. Because more people want to attend games, the owners and cities ar emaking stadiums bigger than ever before. The average stadium size nowadays sets somewhere around 70,000 whereas in the 60’s it was only around 50,000-60,000. According to a site called “Sportology” “American Football is the most popular sport in America”. This site also says that American football is the 9th popular sport in the world. It in fact has even surpassed the popularity of sports with the likes of Basketball, Baseball and Soccer. The players and owners have been hugely benefiting from this gaining popularity as well. With more people going to games the owner make more money and with the extra money the owners make that gives them more money to use on players. In some cases like Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones they have enough money to buy a whole stadium without having the city pay for anything. That helps everyone in a way because this way the city does not get taxed extra to pay for the stadium. Many players from pre-21st century say they

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