The Influence Of The Black Lives Matter Movement

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For most of America’s history, “white supremacy” has been used as an umbrella term to describe white discrimination against people of color, particularly black Americans. This term was mainly used during slavery as well as during the abolition of slavery. However, although this term was used in the past it is still very much prevalent in modern society within the United States. Therefore, being under the constant scrutiny of racism in America, black individuals face the direct consequence of struggling with their identity. The pre-existing notions of normalcy within white America have a direct influence on how the black community views themselves in regards to their identity.
W.E.B. Du Bois delves into the inner workings of the relationship
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In this case, it is the feeling of black individuals seeing themselves through the eyes of the white community in America. The blatant and subtle injustices of racism towards the black community are direct instigators of their struggle with identity showcased through the concept of double consciousness. For instance, the Black Lives Matter movement plays a crucial role in showcasing the diminished sense of identity within the African American community. Multiple victims of unjust racism such as Eric Garner, Treyvon Martin, and Sandra Bland, were profiled for engaging in criminal activity. Garner, in particular, was approached by the police minutes before he died being accused of selling illegal cigarettes. However, in a video at the scene, Garner “raised both hands in the air and, with passive defiance, told the white police officers not to touch him.” Ignoring his request one of the officers grabbed Garner from the back, put him in a chokehold, and brought him down to the sidewalk on his stomach. Garner’s shouts of not being able to breathe were heard by all individuals and white police officers surrounding him, but none of the officers paid any attention to him. Thus, a common thread displayed among the honored victims in the Black Lives Matter movement is the instant criminal profiling of black individuals by white Americans.
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