The Influence Of Technology In Modern Society

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Technology is running our modern society whether we choose to believe it or not. As we live our everyday lives we are stuck to our phones, laptops, iPads, etc. The articles, ‘Breaking Down Borders: How Technology Transforms the Private and Public Realms,’ by Robert Samuels, ‘Straddling Online and Offline Profiles, Millennials Search for Identity,’ by Rachel Lowry, ‘Should Employers use Social Media to Screen Job Applicants?’ by Jonathan A. Segal, and ‘Is Google Making us Stupid,’ by Nicholas Carr, all agree that technology is heavily influencing our modern society, and how we view ourselves and others as people. ! ! In ‘Breaking Down Borders’, Samuels example features a broader age group (a middle age breakfast man, college age music girl,…show more content…
Lowry is targeting one specified age group while Samuels works on targeting multiple ages and personalities. Samuel’s also focuses on how “technology users” break down the border between our private lives and our public lives. We constantly carry our technology with us and create our own little world. This over consumption of electronics has decreased not only our communication skills but also the people skills we would otherwise need on an everyday basis. On the other hand, Lowry focuses on how these technological advancements change the way we perceive ourselves as people. We utilize our devices to present the best version of ourselves tothe public eye, for fear that we are going to be judged if we are presented otherwise. We’re essentially showing the world a false persona to make ourselves look and feel better about ourselves. In ‘Is Google Making us Stupid’, Carr discusses examples of how technology usage is changing people’s way of life on top of how they interact with society. Carr uses Scott Karp as an example, because Scott once enjoyed reading long novels, but no longer reads after excessive time spent with computerized electronics. Scott read online, and now can no longer stand to read physical books and discusses how he

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