The Influence Of Tattoos

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Growing up with my brothers has changed my perspective on the way I live my life. One brother in particular really made me change the way I look at women. Society has always put a certain type of structure on the way women are supposed to dress, speak, and look. A very proper look for women would be, for example, the typical attire of a female teacher. Very nicely put together from their hair to the way they dressed. Being little and being exposed to that made me think that is how I had to look but not necessarily. My brother had a lot of women friends who exposed themselves differently. Their hair was dyed hundreds of different colors. Their clothing consisted of band, shirts, and their make-up was something that I have never been introduced too. Usually girls would have girly clothing and very minimal makeup. Their skin was covered in tattoos. Besides my brother’s friends, I had never seen tattoos, or at least on woman with hundreds of tattoos was something I had not known existed. They had all kinds of ink on their skins, from realistic animals to silly cartoon characters. I asked my brother why they had tattoos, what were their reasons behind them. He then told me that everyone had different meanings and reasons for every single tattoo they had got done. Some got tattoos because it signified a blessing or a tragic accident in their lives. Others got tattoos because they were really digging the tattoo style, or because it was cute. Hearing everyone’s stories as to the reason they got these certain tattoos and how thankful they were of tattoo artists’ it made me a lot more interested in tattoos. Without the acceptance of tattoos, people would not be able to express their life, emotions, or situations they have been through on ... ... middle of paper ... that person may have and jealous because he wants to be tattooed everywhere without being told anything. I also asked Mr. Gibson if he thought tattoos individualized and characterize a person. “I do, everybody has their own style. Certain tattoo quotes or messages can individualize a person, also the era they are born into. With characterizing a person, it can. Every word has a certain meaning, certain tattoos have certain meanings” (Gibson). For example, the number ‘13’ tattoo has a certain meaning with gangs. That can characterize a person. Whether society is changing their views on tattoos for the good or bad, it will always be a symbol, art, and or resemblance to others. Where you decide to get the placement of a tattoo is totally up to you. The criticism and the admirations of others will come and go depending on the generation and era one may grow up in.
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