The Influence Of Sociology In Sociology

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Research states that Psychobiology also known as biological psychology, is a sub-field of biology and psychology that deals with the interaction between the biological-things like hormones, neurotransmitters, and cells- and the social, or the way we act in our world. Most of the psychological theories focus especially on the influence of individual and family factors. Psychological theories are usually trying to explain the development of offending from childhood to adulthood, which focus on the longitudinal studies. When I hear “ Psychobiology”, I automatically think of the things a person was raised around. Over the past decades individuals, especially minorities have been put into unfair stereotypes, which has an affect on the way they talk, think, dress and act. Several people within society, believe that children will follow in their parents foots steps. Meaning if a child was raised a urban area in a dysfunctional house hold due to their parents who were drug abusers, that child will soon take part in the same actions that they saw their parents do. Statistics show…show more content…
Not only is it on the rise, but female gang members are displaying more violent behavior.” (Carrasco, Valaree) Gender should never play role in a courts decision when it comes to any acts of violates that have been committed. If you commit a crime you should do that time, no matter what gender are. Females and males usually participate in gangs because of the lack guidance from their households, search for an identity and search for social interaction. Courts should not be allowed to treat female gang members any different from male gang members. Regardless of a person’s gender gang members all think the same and have one thing in mind; which is to protect and do right by each other that they consider

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