The Influence Of Socialization In Society

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Throughout our life time the expectations and attitudes of society take an added importance in guarding our behavior and impacting our sense of self, e.g. if we consider children the ‘I’ which is the unsocial zed, egocentric (self-centered) component of personality and self-identity is strong because they have not so much been exposed to the influence of society. The socialized part of us called the ‘Me’, that part of our identity that is aware of the expectations and attitude of society that has gained knowledge through socialization with the society. In both aspects of personalities, the environment plays a major role in one’s social life. As I mentioned early using the example of children that the ‘I’ component is stronger than the ‘Me’,…show more content…
That gestures are to be understood in terms of the behavioral responses of animals to stimuli from other organisms and that for gestures to be significant, “mean” the same thing to both organisms, and the “meaning” involves the capacity to consciously anticipate how other organisms will respond to symbols or gestures (Aboulafia, 2016). The “Me” is regarded the socialized aspect of individuals and it represents learned behaviors, attitudes and expectations of others and of society .An individual has now been exposed to society through socialization and therefore one has lined up with the behavior and the customs of society through the knowledge that has been acquired e.g. The “I” which is the unsocial zed where one has not had exposure to the knowledge and influence of society to shape his behaviors .Again let’s take a step back and look at a 7 year old boy who begins to take part in organized games where he anticipates the actions and expectations of others, through socialization, the child’s behaviors and attitudes are shaped according to the expectations of others and society. Therefore through socialization with others the ‘I’ is dying because the child is able to now accept the opinion of others in society and the ‘Me’ now begins to manifest because of the knowledge that has been acquired by the child through social

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