The Influence Of Socialization

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The purpose of this paper is to try and explain how outside influences help and sometimes hinder your development as a person. Influences such as family, media, and individual peer groups have a great impact on the particular type of person you will become. Socialization does not stop when you reach a certain age, but is a lifelong process which helps us become aware of one’s self identity. There are many agents of socialization one of them being your family. Family is viewed as the most important agent of socialization. As an infant you are dependent on your family for care in order to survive. As you grow older, family and extended family provide you with your first system of values, mores, and beliefs. My status within my family is granddaughter,…show more content…
Shortly after I was born, she married a man in the military to escape her own mother. Of course the marriage failed shortly after it began and my mother turned to exotic dancing to pay the bills. When times were tough and there were no funds to pay for proper daycare it became, “take your daughter to work day”. In my mother’s defense I was very young at the time and never actually seen my mother dance on stage, but my earliest memories were being in the dressing room and playing dress up with the other dancers while she did her performance. This act being one of the many folkways my mother would be guilty of. It’s hard for me to think of any social norms that were a part of my life while under my mother’s care. I had a lot of folkways and even mores such as I was given alcohol at a very young age. When I was around four my mother would serve me strawberry daiquiris under the disguise of Slurpee’s because she needed me to take a nap. Growing up I didn’t play Chutes and Ladders or Candy Land like other children, my mother taught me Black Jack and Rummy. After some time when I became a hindrance on her social life, my mother then placed me with my grandmother and
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