The Influence Of Social Roles And Sexism: Equality Or Inequality?

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Equality or Inequality? How cool would it be if the roles of women and men were switched? Women can go to work and make an earning for the family, while men can stay at home to cook and clean the house. Not fair right? Well for generations, sexism has always been an issue in the United States. Many people in the nation disregard the problem because they simply think sexism does not exist. However, it does exist and unfortunately it mostly affects females. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, sexism is defined as “The state or condition of belonging to the male or female sex; categorization or reference on the basis of sex; prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination, typically against women, on the basis of sex” (“sexism, n.2”). Sexism…show more content…
2). For example, researchers, Kimberley A. Clow from University of Ontario Institute of Technology and Rosemary Ricciardelli from Memorial University, wrote an article on “Attitudes and Stereotypes of Male and Female Nurses: The Influence of Social Roles and Ambivalent Sexism.” The authors express how male nurses were being criticized for doing a women’s job. According to the article, international research has established that around the globe, people expect nurses to be women and also assume that if a male is a nurse then he is feminine. Many people do not realize that nursing was a male’s job before females dominated the field. For example, men were regularly engaged in nursing, a necessity in the military. These historical contributions of male nurses are missing from nursing textbooks and the classrooms (Kimberley and Ricciardelli). Not only are women being judged for taking on the nurse’s role, but also men are being demoralized in the field. However, females still experience sexism more often than males. While women now have the opportunity to work, the fact remains that they are paid significantly less than what…show more content…
A while ago, I was in the hospital for a check-up, when both a male and a female approached me. I looked at the man expecting him to start speaking. However, the female was the first to speak to me and I was ashamed to realize the female was the doctor not the male. Obviously, I did not mean for that to happen and did not even realize I was doing that. So, the next few times I went to the doctor I paid more attention to other patients with the hopes of figuring out if many other people did the same thing. I was not very surprised that mostly all patients did ignore the female doctor unconsciously at first, but apologized after they discovered their mistake. Although women have made much progress it is very clear that society has not yet enabled women to have equal opportunity to not only succeed but also to receive equal reward for their hard

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