The Influence Of Social Media On The Arab Youth

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Technology, specifically the proliferation of social media, has brought changes to the lives of the Arab youth both positive and negative. They are powerful communication tools that have influence over culture, political opinions and policies. Arab youth are increasingly using such technology for social interactions, freedom of expression, empowerment and the recent political activist movements in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. This essay examines the ways in which Arab youth use social media in a time of rapid changes and globalization. As young adults play a big role in shaping the future and also, being a part of the technology era, their attitudes towards new communication platforms is important in order to assess the impacts…show more content…
One of the questions that arises is how well has UAE adapted to the technological changes? In this generation, technology plays a key role in staying up-to-date with everything around us. Social media is the upcoming segment that is a part of the recent technological advances, where messages used to be sent through postman's and mail can now be sent through the blink of an eye. In the UAE social media has a significant presence for marketing, businesses and the country’s general recognition. It is also very prominent in the lives of the upcoming generations. An article from Gulf News states that 64% of Arab youth use Facebook and social networks to interact with friends and others (Reporter and De Leon 2013). The issue that arises is: Has the increased engagement in social media among the Arab youth influenced their views of society and their culture?

Social media is increasingly popular amongst the youth of today as it provides a platform to communicate, produce, share and exchange ideas at rapid speeds. The global impact it has is tremendous. In the Middle East, the number of Internet users in the region has grown rapidly, especially during and since the Arab Spring, and is expected to reach 100 million by 2015 (Ghannam 2011). With at least 14 per cent of its population using the high-speed connection, the United Arab Emirates leads the Arab world in broadband Internet adoption (Ghannam
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