The Influence Of Social Media Marketing On Business

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Influence of social media marketing on businesses – Effective or non-effective?


Marketing has been a constantly changing phenomenon. Marketing embraces innovative techniques to accommodate the new standards of the business world. Media marketing was popularized in the year 1969. Over the last decade, the popularity of traditional media such as magazines, newspapers and radio gradually decreased. The traditional techniques of marketing faced its downfall, and different ways of communicating information is possible and are continually sprouting.

The birth of Social Media Marketing took place in the year 2002 and spread all over the world. It gave businesses an innovative medium to interact with customers and caused a radical
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With the ever changing face of the business world, it is vital for companies to comprehend and use social media in order to intensify its brand recognition. The motive of this essay is to comprehensively assess whether social media marketing is significant to businesses. The first portion of the essay introduces the reader to social media marketing. The second part discusses the changes in social media marketing over the decade. The third fragment discusses the benefits of social media marketing on businesses. The forth part discusses the limitations of social media marketing. Lastly, the essay concludes based on several arguments and evidences proving whether social media is effective or non-effective for the running of a…show more content…
Feedback helps businesses to know where it stands. According to Miller (2014), companies that treat the VoC (voice of customer) sincerely, have proved to be more efficient than traditional users of marketing. Feedback through Facebook is severe, as people can post anything on the company’s page. Feedback is a crucial part for any organization. It is necessary for businesses to gain feedback from customers, but social media makes the feedback open for anyone to read. For example, if a customer had a bad experience with the company, the customer might feel obligated to share it on the company’s social media page. As a marketer it is crucial to handle negative feedbacks positively. This is supported by the study of Hammond (2011, pg. 137), which states that, gathering information or feedback through Facebook is worthy. This is because, the company can hear about the problems consumers are facing and have an early opportunity or advantage in solving them. The author, Hammond (2011), also found similar results regarding the social networking site, Twitter. According to the study of Gurau, C., (2008, pp.169), online social marketing unveils a chain of prospects and hurdles for