The Influence Of Rhetoric

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Not many people consider the dynamic influence the rhetoric of the world has on us; however, it drastically shapes many components of our life. If I were stranded alone on a desert island starting the very moment I became conscious of being, I would be quite a different person. My personality, actions, and characteristics that are heavily influenced by my parents, friends, and society would be totally different without their presence on the desert island. My parents influence a large portion of what I define myself as. They provide constant guidance and advice whenever I am around them, as well as when I am away. By taking what I have observed from them and what they say, I can create a lifestyle for myself based upon that knowledge. Without their presence on the desert island, I would find myself pondering where and how to lead my life. Through my parents and family I have become a Christian by learning about Christ, and I have acquired important moral and social values from that experience. On the island without them, I would be a more selfish and inconsiderate person without im...
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