The Influence Of Pop Culture And Popular Culture

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Popular Culture Some people would say that pop culture has heavily influenced art on society today and has influenced people since the beginning of time. Pop culture is anything having to do with things that are popular in our society. As a child I can remember waking up every Saturday morning to catch my favorite TV show or going out on Sundays to grab some pizza and watch my favorite sports team play. My family was always into music so luckily as I was hitting my teen years I was able to watch some of my favorite bands with my parents. I think that music, design, fashion, memes, viral videos,television, new technology and theatre influence this generation 's entertainment, how we live and also possibly our political standing. Without…show more content…
Pop Culture is so simple to come across but also so complex with all its different hot trends. We have easy access to it and pop culture definitely influences the way we act and live day by day. Pop culture plays its biggest roles in my life through social media, music, sports and clothing. Previous generations have had to refer to newspapers, books, or magazines, whereas today’s media has had the privilege to surf online and easily find out what is happening around the world. We can gain access to the internet on any device these days like the PS4 or XBOX or even as simple as the iPhone. I can remember when I was 7 or 8 I really wanted those new Nintendo SP’s. They looked neat and it was probably the coolest thing I saw at that age. I could tell just by the advancement of the nintendo that maybe other things would change now that the nintendo was high tech and portable. When I was in middle school I really wanted my own phone I can use to stay connected with my friends. I started becoming my own person and I liked being social. It took a couple years for me to actually get my phone but when I did it gave me many opportunities to stay connected online and through text. Nowadays not only has…show more content…
The reason I believe that sports is such a great thing is whether a person is playing or just watching, they can really be interested in the game. Also it is not just in the United States; sports is a big part of popular culture all around the world. Of course every country does not always have the same sports or types of sports, but it can always unite people to come together for playing or watching. Sports has played a big role in my life ever since I was a little kid. Growing up I enjoyed playing a variety of sports. Soccer has always been my main and favorite sport, however over the years I branched out and played a few others including basketball, football, wrestling, and tennis. Throughout the years it has kept me very busy and I met a lot of my closest friends through sports. Although I played a lot of sports, that was not the only way it has affected me over the years. Besides playing, I also have always been interested in watching sports. It all started when I was a kid and would watch the Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco Giants games every week with my dad. It was something I always looked forward to every week since my dad worked a lot and I did not get to see him much. The most recent way that sports has affected me is through fantasy football. I had never thought about it or even attempted it until my junior year of high school. Even though it is my more recent hobby, it has definitely

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