The Influence Of Mass Media On Society

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“Please don’t allow society to turn you into a person you’re not” (Unknown). Most people in today’s society are blinded by what is around them. Some people will view things in a negative way or in a positive way. Some things that influences our views is mass media, people who are not credible, and all information that is taught by our teachers and parents, results in our decisions to make the right choices. The number one advertisement used to influence our views in society is mass media. Mass media can influence us in any way. For example, in the movie, the reporter uses Nick Naylor to get information so that she can write about it in the top story. Instead she writes about all things he said and she seemed to twist the story about him which this influenced the people…show more content…
He claimed that back then mass media was used to advertise. They would use famous people in movies and use the product that they wanted to put out there, which this would influence people since celebrities are well known to be role models and hold a status in society. I affirm this claim from the movie because mass media does influence. For example some of the ways that mass media has influenced my life is through Instagram. The biggest trend on Instagram today is makeup. Makeup is being connected with famous makeup artists who post makeup video tutorials and advertise the products they use. This influences girls at a young age to start using makeup and you now see pre teenager girls packing there face with it. It can also influence girls, like me, to buy expensive makeup brands. While at the same time it can also bring down self-esteem on some girls because they might feel like they do not fit in and the only way to fit in is if they follow the trend. Another reason why I affirm this claim is because, movies, magazines, music videos, fashion, and social media put a pressure on girls, to have the “perfect” body. In most
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