The Influence Of Mass Communication

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Communication is an essential aspect of the society. Without communication, it would be difficult for information to be passed from one person to the next. When communication is able to be transferred to a large number of people using various communication means, it is referred to as the mass communication. There is no denying the fact that mass communication has undergone a series of developments before its current success. The majority of success in the mass communication field is attributed to a number of people including Elizabeth Cochran Seaman commonly identified as Nelie Bly. In a summarized context, Elizabeth is a skilled author and reporter thus her influence in mass communication. For this particular paper, we shall examine the contributions…show more content…
From our definition, mass communication refers to information being communicated to a large crowd. In the past, mass communication was understood through campaigns and rallies (Macy, Pg.9). Apparently, these methods were faced by various shortcomings that led to the introduction of the newspapers as means of communicating to the mass. The shortcomings included audibility issues, the absence of people and noise disruption. Through Nelie Bly, the society discovered how they can utilize the newspaper as a means of conveying their desired information to the general public. The reason is that Nelie Bly first article to the public was addressed through the means of a newspaper article. In short, through Nelie, people got to understand how the newspaper can be used to pass…show more content…
This contribution is on the aspect of editing and reviewing in mass communication. Editing refers to the art of making necessary corrections and reviewing is the aspect of rereading an article to identify these mistakes. Before Elizabeth was recognized a preview and editing was conducted based on the article. Through these acts, a new technique was introduced into mass communication. This technique was the review and editing (Whit, Pg.11). Therefore through Nellie Bly, new opportunities in the field of mass communication emerged such as editing and re-reading. Important to point out is that this contribution was however not intended since it was as a result of the mistakes detected in Bly’s

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