The Influence Of Liberalism In Latin America

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Latin America after the Wars of Independence, were looking to modernize the nations after years of unstable politically and economically. This new idea called “progress” was to change Latin America for the better of the nations that took part of the progress. More European influences came during the period to help nations progress even further. The relationship of Latin America and United States/Europe has been linked together ever since the days of the colonial times. . I agree with the diffusionist theory that it benefited Latin America more than there were negative. Overall the relationship amongst the regions has been more of a positive or benefit for Latin America because of the different influences it has brought to the region. The…show more content…
“In the 1840s, a new generation of politicians emerged, challenging the persons and policies of those who had held power since the end of the 1820s” (Safford, 67). It was a political change in Latin America because before there were only caudillos that only filled the political role in a country and those caudillos still acted like the kings during the colonial period. With new liberals that challenged the norms at the time period led to radical changes, such in Mexico. Since the caudillos didn’t do much that was different that their former colonist rulers. After the Wars of Independence, caudillos came into power because of the liberalism failure to get away from the colonialism legacy. Many of these caudillos took advantage of the failure of these changes that were promised by liberals. Caudillos such as Jose Manuel de Rosas from Argentina took control over the country and caused many problems between the people. Even though Rosas brought order in Argentina, he failed because of the strict leadership and may people feared off until he left in exile to England in 1852. That is one of the differences is that caudillos were the leaders that still follow the colonialism legacy, while the new liberals in the 1840s were the ones that actually…show more content…
Many Latin American thinkers focused the scientific stage as a way to help the nation grow. It explains the importance of Positivism in Problems in Modern Latin American History, “Outward manifestations of progress-again railroads, railroads and industrialization-assumed great importance in Positivism and emphatically so among the Latin Americans, whether they acknowledge Comte or not” (Burns, 92). The idea to industrialize was a one-way people saw the importance of helping the economy by bringing in more technology from Europe since it was a success in that continent. The leaders started to consider the usage of innovations that were created in Europe and help economies grow in a faster rate. Usage of technology started to appear in the late 1800s in Latin

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