The Influence Of Impressionism In Art

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Impressionist painting was the beginning of a cultural shift away from religious and mythic themes, to subjects and styles that are less static such as everyday life of the general people, and the fleeting moments around them. As history progresses, so does art and the movements they create. The impressionism movement started in an already war-ravaged France where the evolution of ideals and way of life were as impermanent as the subject of the paintings of the time.
While the transformation of Paris ultimately fostered what would later be referred to as the second industrial revolution, the city’s transformation also influenced those living within. Impressionism found its roots in the transient and momentary life within Paris, the impermanence of the city, became part of a growing trend to capture the essence of a moment in time.
This trend also found roots in the emergence of photographic technology, originally developed in the early 1800’s and advanced continuously until the present. During this time, artists and photographers suddenly found that they could much more easily captur...
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