The Influence Of Horror Film

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The appeal of horror film is effective due to the traits of the human mind. Filmgoers of horror leave theaters with a positive train of thought, yet the negative nature of the content presented points to psychological factors which cause their enjoyment. Answers are found by looking at the psychological factors, how an individual processes emotional arousal, identifies with issues that they consider relevant, and perceives reality, help to explain why films presenting such horrific imagery excites many people. Many horror franchises create a level of violence and gore that is offensive to most, yet viewers continue to swarm theaters, making the horror film industry extremely profitable. Graphic horror cinema relies on shocking imagery as much as storytelling to create an effective type of entertainment. The subject matter, alone, does not provide enough attraction to bring back viewers. When looking at the psychological drivers behind the films, it can be seen that the composition addresses a level much deeper than the entertainment that makes horror…show more content…
In horror film, the filmmaker relies on the plot of the story to introduce curiosity to viewers. The filmmakers want the audience to anticipate things like the villains backstory, or which characters they believe will survive. The filmmakers then introduce grotesque images over the plot to increase the feelings the audience associates with the characters and their stories. Ebiri writes that “the idea of revulsion, not just in terms of gore but also in terms of emotion and state of mind, lies at the heart of the genre.” (pp. 1). Horror films grow more grotesque with each year, and this is thought to continue. In a world where one can turn the news on and see that a mother killed her child, or that a mass shooting has occurred at a church, it forces filmmakers to explore imagery extreme enough to evoke curiosity in an
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