The Influence Of Hip Hop Culture

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“Music seemingly without melody, sensibility, instruments, verse, or harmony, music with no beginning, end, or middle, music that doesn’t even seem to be music—rules the world” (Mcbride). Hip hop, the unique cultural movement, originated from the untended Bronx, New York in the 1970s. At this time, the Bronx was the center of political, social, and economic turmoil and people sought aid from poverty, drugs, and crime. In the midst of this upheaval arose hip hop, a blend of African American, Indian, and Puerto Rican cultures. Additionally, there is still an abundance of creativity within the genre and it will continue to grow and flourish. From the 70s to now, it is going to change and flourish and influence. Hip Hop culturally influences by giving a piercing voice that divulges the pivotal economic opportunities, inspiring people to succeed, creating an educational environment, extending a feeling of unity to those who crave it, and…show more content…
Misogyny has been around for a long time, so it is not fair to blame hip hop culture. One may argue that hip hop artists only rap about sex, rape, and misogyny. However, artists have been accused of objectifying women, demeaning women, and promoting violence and sexual abuse against women since forever. Maybe hip hop is not necessarily the problem and maybe it is just society. The misogyny and sexism in hip hop music does not stem from black culture entirely and “rape, violence, and the degradation of woman are not a “black thing”” (Blay). Furthermore, hip hop may be viewed negatively since artists rap about racism and are constantly using horrible language. The constant racial slurs may take away the integrity of the music. It can be degrading, and it glorifies crime, drugs, and encourages violence. These points may be true, however, it is more important to understand and embrace the struggles that other people are

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