The Influence Of Education: A Narrative Of Fredrick Douglass

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Drawing upon Fredrick Douglass experience Fredrick Douglass overcame such harsh obstacles with true grit and strife. H became educated against all the hardships in his life. As a slave, Fredrick Douglass was not supposed to learn due to the fact that he wasn’t seen as a human. His perseverance gave him the strength to continue learning, to truly see how people should be treated. Even from learning Fredrick Douglass still had the perception that he was a slave for life due to the oppression from the slave owners. As a slave, reading would have been punishable by death. So without education the slaves were not on equal ground as the slave owners whom were educated. Fredrick Douglass knew education was important.…show more content…
(A Narrative of Fredrick Douglass page.6) The importance of education is that people itself and society develop as one. It will help a person 's character and find a good successful career. It will guide a person with no voice to write and have a voice like Fredrick Douglass. Education makes life safer you will have the good standing of right or wrong, it is a very important subject to find…show more content…
Fredrick Douglass has learned the alphabet from his mistress, but at the end slavery proved to devastate her heavenly qualities and she soon decease to teach Fredrick Douglas she finally became more violent. Therefore Fredrick Douglass being taught the alphabet had been imprinted on him. Likewise Fredrick Douglass went to run errands when he meets the little white boys from the street and had the white boys instruct him how to read. (A Narrative of Fredrick Douglass) Fredrick Douglass had given these little white boys breads, but won’t give up their names afraid the little white boys will be ashamed or be killed since teaching a slave is punishable by death. Once Fredrick Douglass had learned the gift of reading he went and got a book called “The Columbian Orator” reading all the time when Fredrick Douglass went on errands. In this same book Fredrick Douglass read about a catholic emancipation which gave interest in his soul reading this gave Fredrick Douglass a feeling to sustain slavery, therefore the more Fredrick Douglass read the more Fredrick Douglass had detested slavery. (A Narrative of Fredrick Douglass) After reading the book

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