The Influence Of Cell Phones

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Technology has made a massive improvement since the 20th century. That improvement has accordingly had a huge impact in teenagers lives. Before cell phones became popular with in teenagers they communicated differently. Some ways teenagers communicated before cell phones was by using landlines and memorizing their best friend’s number (Alcanta, 2016). Unfortunately, this changed today in the 21st century. Now, most teenagers have smart phones that do everything teenagers had to do back then, teens no longer have to memorize phone numbers and spend time making a call to talk to their friends (Alcanta, 2016). All they need to do now is press a button and make a face call instead of having to go to each other’s home so each other. The amount of…show more content…
A larger number of parents, 59%, said their teens were addicted to their phones (Wallace, 2016). Once a teen is addicted to their phone adults will have a harder time trying to grab the attention of a teenager, since teens tend to be on their own world with their cell phone in hand. Even at Oakland Unity, many students refuse to give up their phone after having signed a contract the clearly states “Students will not be permitted to use electronic devices during the school day. Cell phones will be confiscated if they are seen or heard on campus before, during and after school hours. If the cell phone is take it will not be returned until June” (Oakland Unity Handbook). All students are aware of this rule but once they break it and they are caught with their phone they refuse to give them up their device. At Unity there have been 80 cell phones that have been confiscated and 10% of the students refused to give them up. The school clearly made this rule aware to every student yet many students do not follow it so what makes the parents think that their children will listen to
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