The Influence Of Beliefs In The Novel Crusoe

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Firstly, the attitude of Crusoe changes throughout the novel when he realizes how important religion is. Crusoe is talking he explains what his father thinks about his idea of going out to sea. Crusoe making his finally decision he says "I consulted neither Father or Mother any more, nor so much as sent them Word of it; but leaving them to hear of it as they might, without asking God's Blessing, or my Father's, without any Consideration of Circumstances or Consequences and in an ill Hour, God knows"(Defoe,9). At the beginning of the novel Crusoe disobeys his family. He runs away to go on his adventure; even more he does not ask God for guidance and his blessings. Without asking for the help of God, Crusoe is now going on his adventure with God not on his side. Making his decision to go out to sea Crusoe finds him self in a dilemma; he is stuck in the middle of a huge storm while he is at sea. He cries out to God asking for help, but as soon "as the Sea was returned to its Smoothness of Surface and settled Calmness by the Abatement of that Storm, so the Hurry of my Thoughts being over, my Fears and Apprehensions of being swallow'd up by the Sea being forgotten, and the Current of my former Desires return'd, I entirely forgot the Vows and Promises that I made in my Distress"(10). At the beginning of the novel, Crusoe continues to call for help from God when he is in a situation that he might lose his life. When God saves his life he forgets about everything and God. Crusoe starts to notice God little by little even though he forgets about him after his crisis is done. Crusoe is now very sick, He goes to sleep and wakes up saying "God's Justice has overtaken me, and I have none to help or hear me: I rejected the Voice of Providence...

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... in the Island, [he] saw [his] Successors the Spaniards, had the whole Story of their Lives, and of the Villains I left there"(257). Crusoe eventually comes back to his island, where he attempts to improve the situation by leaving supplies and splitting the island into parts. He considers the island part of his dominion.

In conclusion, society and class played a major role in the building of the life of Robinson Crusoe; also his relationship with God and his ability to gather wealth helped build his adventurous life. The attitude of Crusoe changes when he realizes how much he needs God in his life to help him survive. Also Crusoe is able to gather wealth no matter what condition he is in. Society and class is established in the novel and is carried until the end. Having a good relationship with God is very important. Remember, society judges one on their wealth.
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