The Influence Of Animated Movies

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Have you ever wondered who or what has the power to change the society? Or have you wonder how it is affecting us? First of all, children are targeted the most because they are still growing up and do not know much. It is very simple to convey them and to shape them. When they are at school and watching animated movies they follow what is being shown and their naïve minds will process it and not know if it is wrong or right. In the society we live in, many people who are charge try to manipulate the society by targeting young minds at schools, when they are watching animated movies, and they are teaching them what they want to expose to them. A place where naïve kids can be molded is at school during class. The head authority for schools that monitors and controls what the kids are learning are the school district. They gather topics and lesson that they think is essential to the kids. Then they pass it to the principal and the principal passes it to the teachers. The principal reinsures that the teachers are teaching what the school districts wants. However to the…show more content…
When watching animated movies, many people think that it is cute or funny. Although, they may not realize that some have radical messages. “ But a more dynamic and radical engagement with animation understands that the rebellion is more than produce revolting animation.” (Halberstam) This verifies that animated movies do have radical messages that are difficult to point out. Therefore, young minds will quickly adapt to the hidden message and in their mind they think it is “normal”. Some children may rebel against their parent’s rules or teaching. Children going against their parents will have an effect on the society because they are the future. They may continue what the movie producers have in store for the future. Behind the animated movies and classrooms, there is a purpose why they are doing
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