The Influe Between Picasso And Braque

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Cubism was known as one of the most influence styles during the 20th century. Picasso and Braque were the two man who decided one day to be different from everyone else. The thing about the 20th century was that many people did not had the guts to try something new. Braque and Picasso were rebels they didn 't like being the followers they wanted to be the leaders , the very best. They created the style cubism, this type of art involved two dimensional and different types geometric shapes(Reward 1).These two artist created piece of work that until present day people from all other countries want to learn about Picasso and Braque success during the early 20th century. Many people rejected cubism for many reasons. First, they didn 't think it was correct to change art , they thought it was better to continue their old ways. Second, they simply did not want…show more content…
He especially painted this art work because it was during the machine period. The machine period was around 1912-1014 during the war. This was very important to him because he was part of the world and part of the machine period. This inspire him to paint this even though during the war time he had stopped painting, but later on continue his work. Not only did Bomberg created beautiful master pieces but he aslo became a teacher. A teacher that was inspired by other artistes. David Bomberg was not the only person that was influence by cubism but had there own differences to it . Juan gris is a spanish artist that came to France in the early 20th century . In frame he met Picasso , Matisse , Leger, and Braque . Being with this artist really inspired him to beging painting . He started to paint in 1912 but in a different way not was unique from Picasso and Braque. Juan used papier colle and used harmonious colors with novel combinations. It was some Picasso and Braque did not use it was something Gris created on his own(Edmunds

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