The Inflence Of Sports On A Teens Life

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At some point students has had trouble either at home or at school and need to release stress and tension. Some of these time the teens choose to do things that are the wrong activity. Youth want to feel comfort and accepted, so they sometimes will so things that are not well for their body just to fit in with a group. There is evidence that proves sports can reduce the likeliness of teens committing crimes, or getting into trouble. Tees look at the negative substances such as drugs, alcohol, or tobacco, and think that they can do whatever they want. MAny teens look at these things and think they are “exciting” or “cool” and want to try them, but if they are busy with sports they most likely won't be as easily influenced. Participation in sports helps keep teens out of trouble by taking up their free time which could be used for mischief, gives them an opportunity to meet new friends for positive role models, provides teens an outlet to develop a higher self-esteem, and also enables student to set goals for on and off the field. Teens need to have activities after school. When they do not they get into mischief. Once teens get involved with activities such as sports they do not have the time to run around and create problems. As teens learn to perform better in their sport or activity, the feeling of their success or accomplishment my drive them to continue practicing and to get better. As they excel they have a less tendency to stay out of trouble. Sports do not keep children out of trouble completely, but they do help! When you play a sport you cannot get in trouble, or else you cannot play! Most teens when they learn this will try their best to stay out of trouble. Sports teach trust and leadership, and keep children healthy... ... middle of paper ... because you must work hard to achieve a goal and become a better player. Teens that play in school sports are governed by state and school rules to be eligible to play. students tend to work harder to be eligible when playing sports which makes students show pride in playing. Life resembles sports as you have to compete for jobs, work for a better life, it also show that sports can prepare children for adversity by setting goals and achieving them. Life and sports take discipline and hard work.. Organized sports help keep teens out of trouble, give them an opportunity to meet positive influences, provides an opportunity to develop a higher self esteem, and enables students to set goals. Staying with sports through school helps teens stay on the right track. Students should be interested in their sport and enjoy participating and always should try to have fun!

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