The Inevitable Stage 4

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I have no motivation to move. What's the point of going on if I am dead? Of course there is still a slim chance that- No. I am dead. It's pretty clear now. I'm done crying, but now I have a numb feeling in my chance. Tap. Tap. Tap. The tapping was really the only thing that I knew would always happen, since every now and then I would hear it. Tap. I try and put the pieces to this puzzling place I am at together, but I am missing something. Okay, I hear tapping when I enter something that moves... Like the elevator, that bus, the subway and now the train. But what does that mean? Wait, what subway? I haven't been to a subway. Tap. Maybe it's a reminder. Reminding me of what though? My death? Maybe. Unless I am dying and, well, I am unconscious or something. But how can I be unconscious and still be able to think clearly? Plus, I feel depressed. Tap. I shove the thought aside. No use for it now. Tap. Sadly, I still gain no motivation to move. In fact, the reason I even move was the sound of a train door opening. Tap. It was the door that lead to the room which I saw all the dead bodies. I didn't see any of the bodies, but what I did see was a man, holding gun. I jump out of my seat, but as soon as I do, the man is gone. Tap. My next thought is, “Nope, no more trains for me.” And I head to the way I came from. I stand next to a pond, train now gone as soon as I step off. The numb, wrenching, feeling returns. No crying just staring at a pond, and of course you can't forget the nothingness and void that lurks around the pond as well. I step closer, and place my hands in the water. It's frigid, and I jolt my hand out of the water. I look behind me, hoping for a path so I don't have to swim in the pond, but i... ... middle of paper ... ...e, door ajar and asking to be boarded. I step onto it. I jump a little to see floating objects, like phones, kindles, books, and even a newspaper hovers over sets. It's almost has if...has if people were holding them, I just couldn't see them. I had seen floating objects like this before in this void place or whatever, but never really took notice. I sigh, sitting down in a spot where nothing is floating over it. Tap. I suddenly long for home, I feel sad, but not as bad as earlier. Tap. I feel my little journey through this place would soon end. Tap. This isn't even how I imagined death at all. All of the things I went through. What was it for? Tap. Could it be...Could it be like a test? If I fail, I get stuck here. Maybe ghost are real. Tap. Maybe they are stuck here because they didn't make it. Tap. Am I one of those ghosts? Tap. Tap. Tap.
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