The Industrial Revolution's Effect on The United States and Russia

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The Industrial Revolution's Effect on The United States and Russia *Works Cited Not Included Some people think that it is good to do bad things to achieve something good. Well, that seemed to be the case in Russia and the United States after the Industrial Revolution because in the United States and Russia problems led to solution .The Industrial Revolution caused many problems in both the United States and Russia. Even though the Industrial Revolution caused similar problems, the solutions and results were different. There were many problems in the United States due to the Industrial Revolution. First, some Americans attempted to form monopolies to take over a particular industry. For example, Rockefeller and Carnegie had monopolies in their fields of work (oil and steel). This allowed them to set whatever prices they wanted, and people had to pay for their products because it was the only one available. This made them even more rich and powerful. Another problem was the poor work conditions. Workers had to work long hours and do strenuous work for very little pay. The work environment was not a safe one and not a very good one either. Thirdly, the United States economy was not doing so well. With all of the new technology and machinery that allowed mass production due to the Industrial Revolution, there were many business cycles (Depressions and "booms"). During depressions, people had a hard time making money and finding jobs. The stock market was also doing poorly, and there wasn't much money. During booms, everything was going great. The stock market was doing very well, times were good and money was plentiful. There were many people with jobs and not as many poor people. In addition, cities were be... ... middle of paper ... ...ilar problems, they solved their problems much differently. The United States had a government that was based on listening to the people, and they were able to pass laws and were allowed to fight for their own rights. Russia on the other hand, had a government that was tyrannical and was not built around the people. Therefore, the people were not listened to at all, and were not able to find answers to their problems as easily as Americans. They had to resort to violence and a revolution to get their point across in an attempt to solve their problems. These differences occurred mainly because of the forms of government, and because of what things were like here and in Russia. In Russia many people were poor and few were rich. In the United States it was a little more balanced out. The solutions to the problems were solved differently in Russia and the United States.

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