The Industrial Revolution in America

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597 words

Transportation had always been a necessity in human culture; it is the focal point in past and modern societies since humans first appeared in the world. Usually being the deciding factor whether a civilization would be deemed to succeed or fail. The Industrial Revolution completely altered America during the 19th century, and in turn changed the way this nation has traveled and lived. The Industrial Revolution was an event that divided the great nation our founding fathers fought so strenuously to unite. The South keeping true to their agrarian lifestyle and culture, relied on slave labor as the basis of their economy as the North had started to industrialize building factories and modernize technology. Many types of transportation were invented during this age, but nothing had compared to the Railroads. The innovation of railroads in America was a crowning achievement in the North. From the plenty of new jobs were created due to the railroads while allowing the North to prosper and expand to the West to make it the great country it is today. But there weren't all positive aspect...

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how the industrial revolution changed the way america traveled and lived during the 19th century. railroads were a crowning achievement in the north.
  • Explains that railroads were a vital tool that the north utilized well to compliment their industrial based economy.
  • Explains that railroads were great for northerners, but negatively impacted southers. railroads provided many benefits for residents in the north.

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