The Industrial Revolution In Great Britain

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Over the course of the nineteenth century, Great Britain underwent many social and economic changes due to the prosperity of the country. England’s superiority to other European countries in this era can be attributed to many different factors. First, the simple presence of a Parliament helped to maintain a strong government that granted an unprecedented number of rights to its citizens. Another cause was that this country laid the foundation for the Industrial Revolution globally. The Industrial Revolution was the general name given to a time period that marked the transition from hand-made products to machine-made products, leading to a booming economy and an abundance of jobs for unskilled workers. All of these components of England resulted in an increase in large towns and cities in order to sustain the growing population. The most prominent of these new cities was Manchester. The city sprang up after 1750 and swiftly grew in population to become a leading textile center in England. Manchester’s rapid urbanization, benefitted the industry in Europe as a whole; however, this success raised many issues- namely the fact that the citizens of the city suffered great morale and health declines. This can be seen…show more content…
Due to strides made during the Industrial Revolution, Manchester led the world in the textile industry with the use of the mechanized cotton mill. This led to an influx of people migrating to Manchester seeking work. The booming industry caused by this rapid urbanization greatly benefitted the rest of Europe, but the citizens of Manchester suffered great morale and health declines. While a select few continued to highlight the great accomplishments of the city, the overwhelming majority of sources shows that Manchester was not a desirable home for workers during the Industrial
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