The Industrial Revolution And The Dual Revolution

History is full of different turning points that impacted and shaped the world today. These turning points prepared the world for changes in the ideas and ways of man and continued over time in many areas of the world. One of the biggest turning points in history was theDual Revolution period. The Dual revolution marks the periods of the 18 century when the Industrial revolution began, and the French Revolution ended. The French revolution and Industrial revolution impacted the world’s Political, Social, and Economic views. The Dual Revolutions shared cause and effect situations with the land, the mistreatment of children, and the involvement of women. Because of certain interactions in the Industrial Revolution, it cause effects in the French Revolution.
In the Industrial revolution, it started off as a search for colonization. The industrial countries of Europe, such as Great Britain, were looking for new lands so that it could supply raw materials necessary for feeding the Industries and so the land could serve as a market for the finished industrial products. Territory was the key to success. “The countries added so much territory to their empire that one Historian describe it as ‘The greatest land grab movement in the history of the world’.” Because of the Industrial Revolution’s land grab for territory and population, the population of France started to grow overgrow becoming the leading cause of the social stress in France. The numbers of the people living in france started as 20 million, then over the course of the century increased by another 10 million people “as the epidemic of disease and food shortages diminished and mortality declined.” (Citation here) Whereas the effects of the growth of lands in the Industria...

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... of what the men in the workforce received. This was a start to the idea of women doing more in the world than just taking care of children and the home. The french revolution left a more define mark after with the women participating in the March to Versailles and made their presence known in the war.
Many of the causes for the French Revolution, both good and bad, started with an idea that occurred during the Industrial revolution. The population crisis in france caused by the land grab and populating of lands for factories and supplies during the Industrial revolution. The cause of children crimes and mortality rate due to the industrial revolutions mistreatment of poor children in need of jobs and parents who sold their children. The women rights and involvement in workforce and politics in both wars. All were cause and effects of the two dualing revolutions.

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