The Industrial Revolution

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The industrial revolution was never determined; it begins when James Watt improved the steam-engine year 1769.
Before James Watt improved the steam-engine he had to build all the factories around a lake, but with the help of the steam-engine he could now build it anywhere, the steam-engine went on carbon that England had a lot of.
For the industrial economy would develop as well as it did so, it took ideas and technical knowledge to invent and develop machines that could take over the work so that no man needed to work themselves to death.
For everything to work they also neededs money to invest new machines and factories.
The people who worked there never got fired, they had to take care and look after the machines and all the stuffs the machines made, they had to make them available for selling, a possibility to transport the stuffs to the other countries was also an important thing to do.
It was Britain's advantages; they could reach all the markets of the world and carry the goods manufactured.
Why it was just England as the Industrial Revolution began was that other countries didn’t have access to the machines that England had.
England had a lot of advantages in terms of the Industrial Revolution; England had a large merchant fleet to transport goods.
If there wouldn’t be any industrial revolution everyone had to live like farmers, no electricity and bad tools.
In the 1800s the population had increased due to a better hygiene and the agriculture could make more food to the people. In the 1800s it were like 80 percent of the population worked within agriculture and in the end of 1800s it were like 9 percent of the population that still worked there.
The machines were so good now that it was very cheap for everyone to buy stu...

... middle of paper ... He picked the name Jenny because his dotter was named Jenny. But Hargreaved was one of the few men in England that had been a spinner, so he realised that the producing of cloth was going too slow, that's why he invented Jenny, nowadays we call Hargreavers a inventor and not a spinner. Hargreaver is usually seen as one of the heroes in the textile revolution with his invention.
With help from the steam-engine, heat energy is converted to kinetic energy. The steam-engine really helped the people to get up the water from all the caves, before the steam-engine got invented they used horse to get up all the water from the caves, that's why you measure the steam-engine in the power in horsepower.
For the pumps you could use a reciprocating movement directly. They used coal for the steam-engine, that was something that England had loads of and it contains much energy.
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