The Individual Characterity Assessment Considered From The Myer Briggs Personality Test

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This paper examines the individual personality assessment conducted from the Myer-Briggs Personality test. After completing the assessment, an evaluation of each trait will be examined as relates to everyday life.

Our culture influences our personalities and beliefs and naturally it is a part of who we are. “Culture is the set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterize a society, or in the business sense, an organization” (Satterlee, 2009, p.42). Personality test offers a more in-depth understanding of our personality traits, behavior tendencies and so forth. After taking the Myer-Briggs personality test, my personality type was INTP (Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, and Perceiving).
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Their decisions are based on logic. I am definitely a thinker. I often times find myself lost in thought. I am always contemplating a better way to solve a problem, do a task more efficiently, how to organize better, and so forth. At my job, I get to utilize this skill as my casework varies from client to client. At home, I like to takes breaks when necessary in between doing chores, homework, and other activities. I would not fit the description of someone who is perceptive as they tend to work diligently until the task at hand is complete. Thinkers reluctantly steer away from a schedule. To me, that is because schedules can be stressful. If I need a minute or an hour to gather my thoughts, I will do so. My Master’s degree is in Counseling and Educational Psychology and one thing they will stress, is how bad stress is for you both emotionally and physically. I consider it a good trait to have; the ability to not let stress dictate my life. A little stress is good and normal; balance is the key. I do not tend to operate from a schedule however I tend to maintain organization my having a list if necessary to ensure everything that needs to be done is completed. I know what I need to do and I ensure that is done in a timely manner. As a thinker, I am just more flexible with how I met my goals and…show more content…
I do not always adhere to a schedule although I know it most certainly would be beneficial at times if I did. I like to keep my schedule open and make minimal plans. As a mother, I understand how often my schedule has to be amended due to appointments, practices, and games. I like to explore the world around me. I do like to make life and work fun; if you are going to have to do something, there is no sense in not enjoying yourself while you do so. Whether I am baking, cleaning, or doing an activity, I try to make it enjoyable. It helps pass the time and make the job not feel so redundant.
INTP related to work After reading the text Type Talk at Work, I gained a better perspective of how our personalities influence our work settings. Amazingly we are all unique individuals. I found it interesting how the book discussed how we tend to use name calling as a way to label others. I believe people are simply trying to identify each other’s personality to better understand their behavior. I was surprised to read that introverts are outnumbered by three to one in comparison to extroverts. Understanding the different types of personalities will help me in the workplace become more understanding to the needs of
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