The Indium Scan Test

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Who would have thought we would be using nuclear substances for medical purposes? Well, we are many different ways. I am going to discuss a test called the Indium Scan; this test requires the use of nuclear substances being injected into the blood stream via an IV. The amount of Indium that is giving is based on the patient and what the doctor feels as appropriate.
What is Indium you may ask?
Indium is an element. It has a classification name of metal. Indium was named for the Indigo line of spectrum and came from the Latin word indicum. There are 23 different types of Indium isotopes however only two are natural. Indium is also found in zinc, iron and lead. Indium is used for many reasons such as low melting point alloys, as well as many other things. Indium has a symbol of In. Indium is a group 13 and place 5 on the periodic table. Indium is a silvery-white, shiny metal. Indium does not react with water. Indium has its application even in nuclear engineering. Some dietary supplements contain Indium.
Indium may be known to help slow aging and increase the production of hormones and absorption of some nutrients. Do not take this supplement with food.
In Britain Indium has been found in flat screen televisions and also in I pads and computer monitors. In 2012 85% of all Indium was used to make indium tin oxide, used in LSD T.V’s Indium use is rapidly increasing, another on is making of aircraft parts, it contains agents that stop them from wearing out by preventing them from reacting in the air. Amazing!!

What is an Indium Scan?
An Indium Scan is a type of nuclear scan, in which a radioactive substance called Indium, is injected into your body. This test is done when the doctor thinks there may be an active infection, a hidd...

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... suggested based on the results of the indium-ill WBC scan.
The treatment process will then be discussed with the patient depending on the findings of the test. These treatments may vary depending on the diagnosis of the patient. However some patients may want a second opinion if they feel it to be necessary. However your decisions may be vital to your health in a case of an infection. You know your body and it is important that you follow through with care and not delay. Time matters and the longer `you wait for treatment the more severe the infection may become.
In this day and age it sure is a good time to be a live, with all the technology and medications we have. The medical field has sure come along way then what it used to be. Who would have thought that Indium could and would be used for so many things and such a wide spectrum? Interesting to say the least.

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