The Indignity of the Church

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The Indignity of the Church

In the article “The Priest Scandal”, by Carol Cannon expresses her views in the American Journalism Review regarding the scandals within the Catholic Church. She continues to explain how the Catholic Church has been trying to keep the whole issue hidden from society. Carol Cannon makes a point how the media has struggled with pursuing this issue for many years, while America wasn’t ready to hear the truth on such a controversial topic. Carol Cannon is writing to many different groups. Catholics are probably going to be the most interested, but since this issue is so huge it affects many different audiences and ages. Cannon’s article on sexual child abuse by priests, is written through the use of logic, credibility and emotions. She displays a clear topic and supports with using reason along with values and beliefs.

The claims that Cannon makes are logical because many priests have come forwards or been charged with child molestation. Cannon makes logical claims by issuing persuasive arguments on the issue that child molestation by priests has been covered up for years. She has been reporting on the issue of pedophilia by Church officials for more than 13 years. Cannon uses evidence to support her claim. She has a combination of evidence, some which of were interviews of children who were sexual molested by priests. Cannon, along with others has also been granted permission to explore archives where the priest’s cases have been taken to court. Cannon’s examples are convincing through her arguments. She also has credible sources of other journalists that wrote on the same topic as she did. Cannons argument appeal to everyday common sense because the issue has become such a big deal to Americans. The media has also played a large part in the growth of this topic. When reporters were told to pick another topic the news media didn’t listen and were heard. Since the issue of child molestation has been around for awhile, the public knows of the issue and has a stance on it. The structure of the article has much to do on the argument of the topic. The author starts out with her credibility and then a short narrative which is an attention getter.

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how carol cannon's article "the priest scandal" explains how the catholic church has been trying to keep the whole issue hidden from society.
  • Explains that cannon's claims are logical because many priests have come forward or been charged with child molestation. she uses evidence to support her claim.
  • Opines that carol m. cannon is an expert in her field. she has been nominated for a pulitzer for her work on the cover up by the catholic church for molestation charges.
  • Analyzes how cannon's article appeals to average american attitudes because no one wants to see little children, mostly boys, being sexually molested by priests.
  • Analyzes carol m. cannon's credibility in her article "the priest scandal". she clearly states what she is talking about and backs her issue up with examples that relate directly to her topic.
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