The Indigenous Youth Of Australia

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The Indigenous youth of Australia still face many challenges growing up in a world dominated by white Europeans. This essay will discuss the stereotypes and marginalisation that young Indigenous teenagers must face. After viewing Yolngu Boy and Black Chicks Talking, there will be examples from the two movies on the stereotypes, marginalisation, interdependent and the connection the characters of the movies have with the Aboriginal culture and the dominant white culture. Indigenous youth continue to be marginalised and oppressed. The marginalisation of the Aboriginal community is a result of colonisation. The Indigenous community lost their land and culture. This is reflected on today’s Indigenous youth as they are still feeling the effects. Indigenous youth are marginalised and oppressed at school as many young Aboriginal people are reaching the age of fifteen without having sufficient literate or numerate skills to gain quality employment (Campbell, et al., 2012). Marginalisation is amplified in situations where students who display problematic behaviours are then discouraged from attending school. Indigenous youth are also marginalised in the work force as they are more likely to be unemployed than any other Australian. Young Aboriginal Australians are more likely to face troubles getting into the work force with a significant number of Aboriginal school leavers not entering the work force (Campbell, et al., 2012). Indigenous youth have a feeling of powerlessness. The announcement of closure of 150 Aboriginal communities in Western Australia is the latest act of government oppression on the Indigenous Culture. Mr Stephen Buck Pilgram states, “It’s 200 years and it’s just another method of assimilation and oppressing our cult... ... middle of paper ... ...Rosanna is connected to her Aboriginal culture as when she takes the tourist on the cultural tours she must live the traditional or close to the traditional way of her Aboriginal ancestors to show them the way they lived. She would be teaching the tourists how things were done by the Aboriginal tribe that lived on the land. Rosanna is connected to the dominant white culture as a cultural tour guide is a job created by the white Europeans that lived in Australia. In conclusion, the Indigenous youth of today have to face many difficulties when growing up. They must face the negative stereotypes that are placed upon the Aboriginal community as a whole. The marginalisation that is institutionalised on them by the government and the white dominant culture. Yolngu Boy and Black Chicks Talking show the stereotypes and marginalisation of the Indigenous culture and people.
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