The Incredible Power of Contentment

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The meaning of contentment means a state of happiness or satisfaction. So to search for contentment, means to search for happiness. Many search for this peace of mind but few put in the effort and time which is required. From the mind of Hermann Hesse, in the book Steppenwolf, to have contentment is to have “days without special pains, without special cares, without particular worry, without despair; days when I calmly wonder, objective and fearless” (Hesse 26, 1961). He is more detailed about the situation of being in the state of contentment other than being just happy or satisfied. To add, from an article written by Kate Tuttle from The Boston Globe, she introduces an excerpt from the book The Happy Life. The search for Contentment in the Modern World by David Malouf on how “happiness is not the same thing for everyone. It’s singular; case speaks only for itself. Individual temperament plays a large role, as do expectations” (Tuttle, 2013). The idea of one’s happiness is distinct to others; it could come from success, money, youth, good looks, health, education, religious faith, a happy marriage, and close relationships. Dr. Vijai Sharma, a life coach, explains, in the article Everyone’s Idea of Happiness is Different, by saying “happiness one will have in one’s life depends on temperament and attitude” (Sharma, 1996). This shows his idea on how happiness can be brought upon by thoughts in people’s mind. The idea of happiness or this search for contentment should be brought upon as a great matter because those whom find contentment would live a more positive life with less stress.

Arguments that are contrary to this view must be recognized and analyzed. Those arguments include how people lose sight of the real ...

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...e mood. Learning to live at a state of contentment with complete control improves one’s outcome in life. The idea of searching for contentment is brought upon as of importance to where one who seeks it enough to find it will have a positive and stress free outcome in life.


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