The Increased Opportunities in College, Compared to High School

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College is a time period where students find themselves learning and experiencing different situations, while in high school one does not offer individuals with such freedom. College life and high school life are two different worlds. It is an opinionated expression that one prefers that college is a better learning environment that high school. High school does not prepare students for the real life, as much as college does because college gives more opportunities. College is more academically stable than high school in a variety of ways, reason being that one allows to design their own schedule, being able to have more hands on experience, and the professors are more passionate of what they do. Firstly to discuss, making a time schedule in college that fits one personally is always easy to manage. For example when he or she has a busy job they can work within the time period and make the adjustment due to their schedule. College gives more choices to one another by allowing students to take night classes which further their chance to succeed academically with less stress. For example, some colleges offer courses over the internet which usually havelonger, more flexible times for course work to be turned in. This maybe easier on people who have children or have to work a full time job. It is also sometimes easier for certain people to learn on there own rather than in a classroom with fifty other people. In contrast, high school has a time limit from eight in the morning to three in the afternoon from which students are forced to attend during those hours. It is a strict formality due to law until the age of eighteen because students that are under that age group are considered as minors. In college, individuals can set up the... ... middle of paper ... ...chers are basically forced to cooperate with students in need of help. They are blatant in their teaching skills because they feel the money that they are making is not worth the time. Certain professors on college campuses have a wider range of connections with other universities and they can help students organize and connect with other facilities. In conclusion, college is favored over high school academically due to the fact that students are more opened to the educational environment. This is the duration of when disciples realizes that they are running out of time and need to become more aware of what is stored in the future. In a college setting, one does not only learn a certain limit of knowledge, but acquires whole new information that is outside of the society. Personally, college is a priority to many people because it is a step close to one’s goal.
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