The Increase and Basis of Childhood Obesity

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According to modern America studies imply childhood obesity is a personal problem. Childhood obesity is escalating due to the inadequacy of physical activity and the reliance children place on technological equipment. For every family affected by childhood obesity studies reveal no intent on the families receiving global support.

Essentially the physical nature of children with issues of obesity should be addressed. Parental guidance of these children is restricted to allowing technical equipment to consume too much of their time. Virtual technological equipment has replaced physical activeness and parents are attentive in allowing the nature of their child to be entertained in this manner. Our youth’s bodies are not being properly stimulated physically to burn enough calories. What is considered obese for a child? A BMI ( Body Mass Index) of 85-95 percentiles. Moglia, P., & Dill, K. (2013).

Study explains the Anatomy of how the organs in the body are affected by early signs of obesity.

Symptoms and causes that promote a increase in children BMI. Credibility is linked to how a child hormone is decreased due to the non-motivation of parental directive to eat healthy, be physically active during school or home. Also informative on how family genetics contribute a part in childhood obesity. Extracurricular activity has to be enforced in children to obtain control of the problem of obesity amongst children.

I personally find relevance to the approach I think should be address regarding obesity of children. The obesity of children should be examined with care and sensitivity. With the strong dependency on technology parents, teachers, custodians of today inadequately motivate our youth towards physical activities v...

... middle of paper ... available for relationships linking to companion of any kind verse cyber communication. This is not only advised for the youth but for the role modeling adults whom are the reflection of who our youth inspire to be.

Our youth are supposed to direct our future so let’s be mirrored images worth them seeing and a greater cause worth being in support of seeing them to a healthier life worth living. The only way the issue of childhood obesity will improve is if authority figures except responsibility and enforce stricter guidelines for children to follow consistently. It only requires a healthier means of nutrition, increased physical activity, strict medical guidance under a licensed professional, and a team consisting of a child, parent willing to be persistent at working towards a greater cause defeating childhood obesity.
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