The Increase Awareness Of Children And Adolescents

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Todays Increased Awareness Today, we are slowly seeing changes occur in our society. According to McDonalds, the “Super-size” portions are being phased out in an effort to “Be Smart, Be Active” in order to accommodate to the growing desire for healthier food options. Introducing more seasonal salads, reducing their (super-size) seven ounce fries to (large) six ounces, and allowing options to Happy Meals for parents to choose fruits and vegetables over fries in support of healthy living. Education Education on living a healthy life style is huge, yet it is extremely over looked. Education on adults and a more consistent education for children and adolescents is vital in trying to cut the obesity rates. We need to understand what a proper portion size is. The best way to prevent portion distortion is using your hand as a guide. Do you know how much pasta your supposed to have on a plate? Much to my surprise, a half of a cup or a handful. Certainly, not what the Olive Garden gives you. Did you know your beloved cowboy cut (sixteen ounces) at Texas Road House is far beyond the limit of what we should be eating? The smallest meat size we can choose from at the Roadhouse is six ounces. In reality, we only need three ounces, which is the size of your palm! Exercise is just as important. Adults need thirty minutes or if you are a step counter, 8,500 steps of daily physical activity. Children need ninety minutes a day or between 11,000 and 13,000 steps daily. Workplace Fitness The availability of a gym or exercise equipment is easy to pass over. It’s too expensive, there isn’t enough time in the day, or lack of motivation are the main reasons why adults don’t regularly work out. With every 100 American adults, 96 live sedentary. The incr... ... middle of paper ... ...will not be cured in one solution. It is a combination therapy from your state, local community, and your home. You must have access to safe bike paths, lit neighborhoods, education for you and your child on exercise and balanced meals. To be an informed consumer relies on the accessibility to nutritional facts and low cost for choosing the healthier food options. The 3Ps program where you as a parent or guardian, are taught to meal plan on a budget and given recipes. Your family doesn’t have to be another statistic. The majority of the problem comes from a lifestyle that can be controlled. All the resources in the world could be handed to you, however you must have the discipline to do the things that will better yourself, and your family. Teach yourself and your children the benefits of healthier eating and regular exercise. Show them, if I can do it, you can too.
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