The Impression: Sunrise: Influence: Sunrise: Monet

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When you think about the word “impression”, what does it means to you? It could be a feeling that you get about a person, or an idea you get from reading a book. Everyone has his or her own understanding on impression. However, Monet’s painting the Impression: Sunrise, painted in 1872, changed the way people usually analyze paintings. The Impression: Sunrise is a fascinating painting with lots of content, such as, ships, the sun, the sky, numbers of masts and the buildings (Monet). All these contents show a busy and brisk morning at the Port of Le Harre in France. Even though this painting was not popular at that time, it is an undeniable fact that the Impression: Sunrise is a beautiful painting, which depicted a vibrant scene of their everyday…show more content…
One really interesting thing about this painting is that even though the sun seems to be the brightest object in the painting, viewers can also find the brightest part in this painting without the sun. This is because Monet depicted the light and the shade for each object. When carefully observing the shadow of the sun in the water, there are two parts to each object color, which are orange and white. In this way, these paint strokes show a feeling of vitality to viewers. In addition, he applied the relationship of light and shape to illustrate a picture of the morning port, and wanted to give viewers an impression of liveliness. The early morning sun is depicted rising over the foggy harbor with ships and other various boats at port (Monet). The shadows of the boats and figures and the reflection of the sun’s rays can be seen on the water’s surface (Monet). All these elements show the relation of near and far being applied through light and shade. For example, the ink blue ships are in the front, while the light blue ships are in the back, and the clouds near the sun are colored orange, while the clouds far from the sun are colored yellow (Monet). Monet painted an energetic scene by drawing numbers of element in different colors and situations. From the light and shade aspect, viewers can understand what Monet drew in this painting, and feel a sense of
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