The Important Role Of Agriculture In Pakistan

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Agriculture plays a vital role in our society, economic growth, and food production. It is the second largest sector in the Pakistan that is important in the economic growth of the country. Sustainable growth in livestock production system is essential for improving the livestock production i.e. milk and meat per animals rather than increasing the numbers of animals (Shabbir, 2011). It generates employment opportunities for rural smallholder farmers. Approximately 62 % population is living in rural areas that directly or indirectly depend on the dairy sector for their livelihood (Shabbir, 2011). Livestock is an important part of agriculture which plays a major role in improving smallholder farmers’ livelihood. It provides meat, milk, nutrition,…show more content…
It generates the employment for people, poverty alleviation, and socioeconomic uplift in the country (Hussian et al., 2014). This sector provides the employ about over 30 million people, most of them live in rural areas of the country (Rehman, Jingdong, Chandio, & Hussain, 2017). Almost 90 percent of livestock is owned by smallholder farmers and landless rural households (Ahmad, 2013). These smallholder farmers (owning less than 2 hectares of land) and landless livestock smallholders’ farmers depend on income from the sale of animal milk and meat to their daily expenditure. Almost 55 million landless or smallholder farmers contribute the milk production in the country (Zia, 2009). Generally, more than 50 percent smallholder dairy farmers owned 1 to 4 animals herd size in the country (Zia, 2009). Mixed farming is a farming system where farmer conduct various agricultural activities together on a single farm for increasing his income through different sources (Mishra, 2010). Even in the mixed farming systems, livestock is the major source of cash income for poor rural smallholder dairy farmers (Ahmad, 2013). The smallholder dairy farmers get their income about 30 to 40 percent from livestock-related activities (Zia et al.,…show more content…
This sector provides raw material to different industries in the form of capital. The national herd system consists of 29.6 million cattle, 53.8 million goats, 26.5 million sheep, 27.3 million buffaloes and 0.9 million camels (Shabbir, 2011). From the last three decades, the livestock sector is growing at 2.9 percent due to poor economic policies but on the other hand, human population growth rate is increasing 2.05 percent (Shabbir, 2011). Due to human population growth and urbanization, the demand for livestock products is increasing rapidly. But the current situation, it is difficult to meet the demand for the livestock products entire country because the human population is increasing rapidly than the growth of milk production. During 1999-2000, the government of Pakistan (GOP) has spent 1213.5 million Pakistani rupees (PKR) (almost 12.135 $ U.S dollars) for importing the milk products at high cost to fulfil the population need (Garcia et al., 2003) which is an extra burden on our economy and imports (Khan, Abbas, Naeem, Ayaz, & Akhter, 2013). By providing the credit opportunities to smallholder dairy farmers that would be helpful for improving the living standard and milk production (Hussain, Iftikhar, Khan, & Nisa,
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