The Importance of the Minuscule

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The universe. So immense that only thinking about its magnitude distorts our concept of space. So intense that the energy and power generated every instant, in every corner of this infinite mantle of darkness and light, is of such extent that exceeds our understanding. So old that every measure of time is futile in comparison to its origins and its future.

How to measure the unmeasurable? How to estimate the infinite? How to compare it to measurable, finite, small, minute, minuscule creatures like us? We, who are so little, and at the same time, think of ourselves so greatly... ''We are inventors!'' we claim... ''We are intelligent!'' we claim... ''We have discovered everything to be discovered!'' we claim... ''We are human beings, different from any other species in the planet Earth!'' we claim...

Well, it's obvious that we are different. It's obvious that we are different from many other creatures in this planet. I would dare to say that we are unique here... but even compared to the size of this little blue ovoid body we live on... we are small. We are small, thats what we are. ...

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