The Importance of Self-Assessment in Leadership Development

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The importance of self-assessment in leadership development may not be specifically what Socrates (attributed by Plato) was referring to when he stated that “the unexamined life is not worth living”, but the observation seems very relevant (Baggini ,2005). As noted by Watson (2004), the development of organizational leaders requires a culture that promotes self-evaluation, lifelong learning, and nurturing. The author discusses the importance of self-leadership which utilizes introspective investigation to discover and develop leadership skills. This self-leadership provides a foundation on which to identify values and beliefs, motivations, their impacts on behaviour, and strengths and weaknesses, to develop a plan to enhance leadership effectiveness.

The self assessment of my leadership style includes reflection on leadership situations, colleague feedback, the use of self-assessment tools, and analysis of my findings within the context of leadership theories.

One of the first self assessment tools completed shortly after taking on the clinical manager role was the Majors PTI Personality instrument which was done in conjunction with a Dorothy Wylie Nursing/Health Leaders Institute program. The tool is an instrument designed to promote self awareness in relation to how your personality contributes to aspects of your life including your style of learning, work/activity and leadership (Majors PTI, 2011). The results of this self assessment indicated a preference for introversion, sensing, feeling and judging-ISFJ. Characteristics associated with this preference include; practical actions to serve others, warm caring style, value and appreciate structure and hard work, and when experiencing stress become pessimistic. When applied to...

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.... Majors PTI Personality Report. Unpublished raw data.

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