The Importance of Religion to the Community of Salem

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The Importance of Religion to the Community of Salem

The puritans led a very simple but hard lifestyle. When they weren't

working they were in church or praying, which gave them little, if any

time to socialise and enjoy themselves. They led their whole life

trying not to break any of the Ten Commandments set by God in The


In 1630 the puritans were still living in Britain under the reign of

Charles I. They wanted to leave because they were being persecuted for

their religious beliefs by the English church. Between 1620 and 1640,

nearly 50,000 Puritans left England for America, where they soon

formed several towns. Unlike now, in the seventeenth century America

was an exotic place, it seemed like the perfect escape route for the

Puritans as it was far away from England and free from the persecution

they were currently suffering.

It was very brave of the puritans not to just take the easy way out

and stay in Britain. They devoted their lives to religion and God and

proved this when they moved to Salem in order to be able to practice

in peace.

Each of the characters in The Crucible have different feelings about

how they want to be looked at by the rest of the community of Salem.

John Proctor is a prime example of this, he cares a lot about his name

in the town, but his morals take over when he admits about breaking

one of the ten commandments by sleeping with Abigail. He had to do

this to try and stop the lies Abi was telling about his wife,

Elizabeth, but this backfired on him when Elizabeth tried to help him

by denying what he'd done as she didn't know that he'd confessed. It

is only at the very end of the play that Proctor realises what the

right thing to do is, the choice is between blackening his name in

Salem or being hung. He accepts that he must be hung like the rest of

the innocent people and so leaves Elizabeth and his children to live
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