The Importance of Recognizing Students' Learning Styles in Order to Help Students Excel

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People learn in different ways, but usually, for each particular person, there is one way that is the best way for them. Often that particular way of learning also helps them excel. The most basic ways people learn are visual (by seeing something), by hearing something (audio), some people learn by doing (or by touch), some learn best by working in cooperative groups, and some people learn best by working individually. But many times people learn as they go along in the process of what they are doing. Examples of some of these ways of learning are featured in the three articles, “Skill and Community in a Small Shop” by Douglas Harper, “The Shape of Life” by Deborah Franklin, and “The Promise of Public Education in America” by Mike Rose. These articles highlight the learning experiences of several people, and they all show different ways in which these people were able to learn. I will compare and contrast these three essays.

In “Skill and Community in a Small Shop”, Willie, a metal worker, learns his skill and craft by hands-on method. He not only learns a skill, but he gains a more technical knowledge and understanding of his skill. For Willie, his learning continues because as he learns by doing (hands-on), in the process he gains a more technical knowledge. He gains a deeper and more technical knowledge of the first thing he started learning about. He learns a highly specialized skill which is knowledge that develops through his actual learning process. A comparative example of learning like this – where hands-on is the method of learning – and where more in-depth learning takes place, is learning a computer application, such as Word or Excel. With hands-on, learning one thing about the application precipitates lea...

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...ences prove how some ways of learning are better for some people than others of learning. They also provide an example of how the various ways of learning enable people to learn technical knowledge, and how some ways of learning lead to other learning in the process. The various ways of learning help people to learn in a way that best fits their learning capabilities. When people learn in a method that is best for them, they probably learn more.

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