The Importance of Reading

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As an English teacher, I understand how important reading is. I see, on a daily basis, the struggles of students who come from backgrounds where education and reading are not valued. I see the students who are strong readers excel, vastly outpacing their peers in the classroom and gaining opportunities for which other students didn’t even know to dream. As a psychology teacher, I can appreciate how critical it is that young children are exposed to reading in the home, how integral reading is to the development of their brains. As someone who is a lover of learning itself, I understand that, to get students to really be successful, we have to show them that education is something that they not only need, but something to be enjoyed. As a parent, I want my child to be adequately challenged, to know that he is gaining much from his experiences in the classroom. It is with this knowledge that I have begun to truly wonder about the merits of the Accelerated Reader system, or at least its use in the elementary schools. I understand that, in Hendry County, coming from a home with two college-educated parents who very much value education puts my child in the minority. In my own classroom, I struggle with getting both students and parents to understand how important homework is to students’ success. However, I also know that, to really be successful in the classroom, I have to struggle each and every day to differentiate my curriculum to reach the students who can barely read and the students who finish books in an evening. The same technique that works for one student may be the opposite of what is appropriate and effective for his or her neighbor. I am not, in any way, trying to say I am always successful in these attempts. Every teache... ... middle of paper ... .... There are interventions in place for behavioral issues and separate interventions in place for academic issues. I would like to be an informed member of the education community and to have an accurate picture as a parent and fellow educator so I can make good decisions when it comes to my own child and in my classroom. What exactly is the system that is in place to deal with these separate spheres of problems? Again, with a son in elementary school currently, obviously I have a personal interest in this issue. In addition, as a teacher, I see these same children eight, nine, ten years down the line. I understand that the issues our students face are vast and complicated. But if helping students learn to enjoy reading could be as simple as changing the way we use an assessment tool, wouldn’t it be worth the time and effort to really evaluate its use in our schools?

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