The Importance of Promoting Organ Donations

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Around the globe thousands of people are placed on a waiting list to receive an organ transplant, for some people the waiting process can be very long, and for others it can be short. To many people having someone give a gift of an organ donation is known has a second chance, a fresh start, and a new beginning at living a normal life again.

Every year people on the wait list increase in numbers due to lack of organ donation shortages therefore, finding a donor becomes difficult because in order to receive a transplant the recipient must be compatible with his or her donor in several ways.

In order to have a successful transplant the donor must have the same blood type, tissue type, the right size of organ, and be close in age with the recipient (Finn, 1992). Compatibility is very important when it comes to organ transplants because, if the donor and the recipient are not well matched then this can lead to the recipient’s immune system attacking the new organ known as organ rejection making the transplant unsuccessful (Organ Rejection, 2006).

Due to organ shortages it takes the hospital twice has long to find donors with the right organs that are needed for the recipient’s transplant, and are compatible as well.

Organ transplant consist of donating the liver, kidneys, corneas, heart, pancreas, lungs, and intestines to a recipient that is severely ill or in need of a transplant (What Can Be Donated, 1999). Generally, the reality is countless of people are dying each year because they are placed on a waiting list to receive an organ transplant which usually never reaches the person in time due to organ shortages.

Therefore, if more people got involved with organ donations there would be less of a wait time which would equ...

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...them about the issue at hand and, then afterwards people share that knowledge with others. Next, are websites that contain information for everyone who would like to learn more about organ donations, and numbers if the person wishes to contact a facility to ask questions.

Also there are information pamphlets that are located at any health facility that contains contact information, contact numbers, e-mails for people that have questions, website addresses, and important facts that a person should know about organ donation (Organ Donor Awareness, 2008).

Therefore, different pathways have be taken to help promote organ donations in hopes to improve the number of donors, and to help educate people about the current issue of organ donation shortages so that people will have a better understanding of the importance of organ donations.

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