The Importance of Prioritize Quality Time with Loved Ones

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In the works, “Double Daddy” by Penny Parker, “Diary of a Mad Blender” by Sue Shellenbarger, and “The Child’s View of Working Parents” by Cora Daniels and Ellen Galinksy, the writers inform us that families are struggling to recognize and prioritize the importance expense of efficiently spending quality time with loved ones. The writers explain what troubles they get into with unbalanced responsibilities, goals, and personal life and how they overcome these problems, but often claim that businesses neglect the important factor of family, and inform how hard parents struggle to achieve and balance time. Both parents, including fathers, feel that they should be there when their child is sick, but society doesn’t see fathers as care-takers and say it’s the mothers’ job. The ideology of family bonding is very important and varies among cultural traditions and nationalities. Some parents have a great dilemma bonding with their children or keeping track of time with work and personal life. Parents try several tips to balance responsibilities like needs of work and the needs of their families. Double Daddy reveals how a father who has been divorced became a freelancer in order to take care of his children. This father said there is a struggle with his job and family, “The struggle between the responsibilities of work and the needs of their families” meaning that due to his job he couldn’t spend much time with his family and eventually the father was fired and lost his job and which is how he became a freelancer, but he doesn’t mind not having a job, because now he can spend more time with the ones he truly loves. In a different article named Diary of a Mad Blender, by Sue Shellenbarger, she expressed about the stress and frustration she ... ... middle of paper ... by the writers. By farthest I believe that parents really care about their families, jobs, and personal life and also the hardest things to balance and all these things are affected by education from when you were smaller and things happen that change the way you think negatively and positively. Countless things can happens to one’s family, accidents an divorce, really harsh things that you can get into without the tranquility among the three important factors that can really affect everyday life into something really extra-ordinary. Each one of these factors are important, none is greater without one or the other. It’s best if you try while you’re still young and learn new things outside of the box we live in. Try to be out there for it is the first step in life. There you will be satisfied for the hard work you have tried. Take your time, the day’s still young.

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